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contact wiz khalifa


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    (08 Feb '11)

    how can i contact the actual wiz khalifa, not people that work for him though

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on Feb 08, 2011 at 20:06PM

how can i contact the actual wiz khalifa, not people that work for him though

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tell ya boy i once upon of time hated to hear bout rappers getting robbed,them boyz making their money I would always say to people and shit but I love to see the shit now,becuz I see what the fuck niggaz like you selling to people and shit turning the music that got me and other hood rages to riches stories where im at today in life you know what would be trill azz fuck if a nigga went round and murder you devil showin demonic ass niggaz at ya lil meet and greets you know something low key while you signing books and shaking hands and shit,snipe the fuck out his azz and the rest of them niggaz,I tell you what if I evvvver see a nigga in city with a punk azz blasfome shirt in my motherfucking city imma call my people if im thinking right and let them handle it,if im not tho brick straight to the head until i can take the bitch and burnin it,make sure i make the nigga a friend so he'll follow me where nobody can hear him or see him until im finished thats what type of nigga you dealing with so watch wat you say cuz youll become a voice in my head that wont stop until i handle it anyway I said what I had to say p.s. Kendrick Lamar the shittt

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This yah boi paul craig aka chuck boi tgs we the best do shit
The pittsburgh way la chucks chicago chucks the good way smoke
The green every day take it all im just a nigga district nine shit would like
To see the bright lights chill together and my chucks in leather fuck the
I want live my dream wit a nigga like wiz like my chucks in leather
Dss boi whos goimg to get big no matter what and destroy whoever
GeTs in my way tgs we the best taylor gang sqwad 2 chainz should be
The top leader more swag to the team check me out #9192237974# email
Facebook name paul craig sorry I mised the high school tryouts could of ben
Great with cool kids like me want a.puff and not suppose to be around

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thats wat im sayin

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i want wiz to come try what we grow here in cali
we got some good shit Kryptonight,blue berry northern lights,
cherry ak,blk berry,blue chese purple diesel and much more

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i wanna blow treez with wiz!

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Im from hazelwood and I jus want to smoke with wiz and chevy real rap

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how would i be able to do set up an interview with wiz for a school project?

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Wiz khalifa.... i know you dnt read this so.... to your managers or agents. I am Johnnie Adams A.k.a - Flow V. i jus want you to contact me or email me. i will most likely have something you have interest in. musically of course. not usually something you would want to hear chances are given and chances are taken. so give me a chance so i can get to the
Waken Baken

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i wanna know tooo no one knows i guess