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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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Young Zebo_2's picture

I been listen to wiz since Never Been nd my favorite Top Floor

matsiko Matthias's picture

i started kiking wiz khalifa with rollup andblack and yelow

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JAM JALLOH's picture

i love wiz khalifa

Maze_2's picture

I've just seen that Wiz is here in Germany and is going to rock Berlin tomorrow! xD Unfortunately all tickets are already sold out, so I won't make it. =/ Because of that I'd love to know about the tourdates 2012!!! I HAVE to see him live - here in Germany! =D What about a live-stream her on his site? That way erveryone who didn't made it to get a ticket, could watch the concert online!!! That would be so fuckin' great!!!

Madeline Santana's picture

i luvvvv wiz khalifa a lot,3

Luchwiz30's picture

Taylor Gang Or Die!!!!!....
Wiz Khalifaaaa Fann!!! Till the death of me!!!!


Jovi Drake's picture

wiz world!

Monique Villa's picture

I loveee wiz

Elizabeth3's picture

I wanna meet wiz khalifa thats my biggest dream

Alex Robichaud's picture

we want Wiz in montreal !!!!!! show u what true kush is about! ill be front stage burnin sum Purple Rhino medical kush!

Acosta Jonathan's picture

Alright Wiz you need to get back to me for something important asap!! (IMPORTANT)

tGoD's picture

men i need wizz in portugal
ITS possible?

Tómásító Pxntó Cxáréntá's picture

cuando piensan llegar a chile ?????

WebCrew's picture

@TGOD Check out the Official Wiz Khalifa WebStore to see what merch is currently available for sale. Here are the posters we have out right now:

Wiz Khalifa WebCrew

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Hey sabb,

With all merchandise inquires, it is best to contact the webstore directly. Along with a description of your issue, please include the name and email you used to place the order and an invoice number if you received one.
Check the FAQs page to see if your question has already been answered:
Contact the store directly by filling out this form:

Hope this helps!
Wiz Khalifa WebCrew

TGOD_2's picture

can i get a poster of wiz ?

Wiz Kalvin's picture

WIz Khalifa If You See This Reply At Me.Man , Your My Favorite Singer , I Only Listen To You , Please Do Me A Favor And Sign A Snapback For Me.

sabbRh's picture

hello,how much is the delivery charge to Brunei Darussalam? reply asap pls, you can email it to my email

Nico Segovia's picture

Vivo en Buenos Aires en la probincia, Moron,VillaTesei

Nico Segovia's picture

Cuando vas a venir a la Argentina, fumar con migo ?

vivian's picture

comes to Brasil.

Teo'khalifa's picture

The maximum Wiz ..
I am from Medellin, Colombia when you come ..
You're The Best Of

nashane's picture

ouups my comment is cut but i dont remember what is cut .. anyway we all love you here and were the beat place in the world to do a show with all the teenagers that thinkk like you and love weed and im shure that the ticket would be sold in a minute !


nashane's picture

ok lisen , i live in quebec city, i know im just a other fan like the others that want wiz to come in her country but im talking for all the quebecois, i know that we all love wiz here and i know that a lot of people wish that you come do a show here! i mean please come soon! were maybe a smal country but belive me we love music more than anything , specially your songs caus.. they are chill, they talk about weed and we love weed

greg971's picture


My name is Greg ARTISTE I am a booker of french carebbean....

I am looking to BOOKING Wiz Khalifa for a tour or a concert in the french caribbeans (Guadeloupe martinique guyane ) on april 2012 of the next years.
I need a contact of his manager or a contact for this events....

My e-mail address is

Thank you. Looking forward to speaking with you,


dahmiedahree's picture

Wiz has got shit to do with the bi-cth by his kiss.

Evelyn Pereira da Cruz's picture

My God! How I love you Wiz. I'm from Brazil and would love you to do a show here ... I'd do it all, impossible to go! Everyone is surprise for a girl to like their music, but I do not care others' opinions, Fuck! I love you unconditionally, I love you too gorgeous my nigga! Come to Brazil soon, has a legion of fans crazy prate see. LOVE YOU TOO! You, I am, Brazil is ... T.G.O.D!
Kisses and even more my nigga! Love You More.

From: Evelyn Pereira da Cruz

Pedro's picture

Hello guys...
What do you think about Wiz to answer the questions to us?
Wiz enters the site and say hello...TGOD..