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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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Naly Khalifa's picture

Hi my name is Naly Diaz from Brewster, Washington I just turned 14 today and I am your nbumber one fan my ipod only has your music nothing more!! I wanted to ask a question, I had heard that a girl from Bigdeport, Washington had recieved a call from you is that true?????? :(

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We are looking to purchase Wiz Khalifa papers on a wholesale level for our store in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. You can check out our shop at

We have the largest selection of lighters & pipes in Canada & we need to have Wiz Khalifa papers :)

My e-mail address is

Thank you. Looking forward to speaking with you,

Jason - Liquid Chrome & Chrome Age Productions
(705) 309-5473

Taylor'd Hard's picture

Hey , how are you?
My name is Claire Francis and i want to give my boyfriend the biggest surprise in his life! I am tiying to get something signed, or a letter, phone call, ANYTHING! From Wiz to give to Cody (my boyfriend) on his 16th birthday. He is the biggest Wiz fan! He will walk up to me listening to his ipod, and he will be listening to one of Wiz's songs. If he sees something that says "Wiz Khalifa" or "Taylor Gang" or anything to do with Wiz he has to have it. Cody can tell you whats wiz's real name is ( first, middle, and last) where he was born and when he was born. Cody got a new dog this summer (his first dog ever) hes dogs name is Frankie. Yes, his dog is named after one of Wiz's songs. This all began when he listened to Wiz for the first time and he told me he loves his music. So the next week i went and bought Wiz's new cd "rolling papers". That night i got texts saying OMG BABY THANK YOU SO MUCH!! THIS CD IS THE BEST CD EVER! etc. Cody loves his music so much, if wiz talks about someone or something in his music he will look it up. If there was a contest for the biggest Wiz fan in the world I SWEAR Cody would win, hands down!

Cody is really the best boyfriend. Also he is a really good person! I know you might get this a lot but i really want to this for him! If you can't get me to Wiz's could you please direct me to someone who can? I really would like if you would help me! If you have any question's about Cody, me, or why i'm doing this please feel free to email me back! (

Thank you so much!
I hope you read this, and think about what i'm trying to do.
Claire Francis :)

ps. I am willing to pay anything !

Pedro's picture

Hei Wiz, I'm from Brazil and My name is Pedro..I like your song, Here my friends and I listen your music and smoke a good weed hahahaha...Taylor Gang...When do you come to Brazil?

egwagon's picture

does anybody know what the name of the song that played on the last episode of daytoday was? it played at the end when wiz is dancing?

EileenIsHigh's picture

Ok sooo my life long dream is to meet Wiz in person and smoke with him! That Just BeThe BEST DayOf MyLife! Highkey Wiz is all I listen to. So to make my visit to this website thinggy better is to uhm let me meet him :D k thanks :]

Janmar Degal's picture

yo wiz. when you get to hawaii can u please perform your song THIS PLANE on your Champaign and paper planes 2 album. a friend of mine played it when we was driving n burnin around town. It was my jam ever sense. much ALOHA N MAHALO! JAYDEE

nobogui's picture

Love the layout, sick background. You should put the petition for the legalization of marijuana from the White House on the front or news page. Wouldn't ever have to worry about getting caught smoking again.

pb0_89au's picture

hey my name is pierre. just want to drop a big shout out to wiz khalifa and all the taylor gang. your music is going well and hope your enjoying the buzz. i know your music is banging down here in australia. you really need to set up dates to come down under to sydney australia and show everyone down here how its done. peace stay green

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@italiannicky - Please e-mail your order # to

Simplyjensen's picture

Hey just want to say thanks for all the music your putting out and mixtapes, really respect you as a man and musician, hope all is well T.G.O.D stay liftedd

brandi's picture

omg freakin gosh i freakin love wiz khalifa he is cute if i saw him to day i would fall out i would be like his body gaurd noone near him or touch him hahhahahah T.G.O.D

To TAYLORED's picture

hey loyalty is everything I love the site it should have a music player on an users profile.

young wiz_3's picture

wiz is the best

Micheal Holden's picture

wht wiz i try to get put on taylor gang i like all your song and i want to make a song with you it that ok with you

TheRealShanelJ's picture

sooooo i didnt win =(

T purp's picture

Yo Wiz wen is Taylor Gang cuming to South Africa 4 tour

Charles Aziaka's picture

i am that iam,still on my level...

italiannicky's picture

email me i will give you my ordr number

italiannicky's picture

what you can do to make ya website better its answer when we want to know were is our order i order already amonth ago and a dont have news of you and the money was took on the card so please do a follow up my email is my name is annick

sHy CaS's picture

sHy caS 831.

eddie moon high's picture

gt high like wiz but will smk ever minute of the day pound smk

Felipe Alvim Gaissler's picture

wiz é meu idolo !

seanp's picture

man sign me with taylor gang man real shit

mhess26's picture

I really suggest changing up the discussion forum. Its hard to search for certain material and no one really knows where to look. I am a fan club member of a lot of artist and this is by far.. the worst! Sorry, Its just my opinion but i would really like to communicate better with wiz fans! TGOD!!

snowshoe's picture

wiz in newfoundland!!!!!

Daniel Nicco's picture

Taylor Gang, G shit

Russel A2 Mendoza's picture

i want wiz visit the philippines and all of TAYLOR GANG ..!!!

G-blacc's picture

Taylor Gang or Die

Andrei Murr's picture