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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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I was about to buy some papers from you, but now i cant find them? I JUST saw them the other day and now there not on the store. Whats up with that???

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where is the premium pack?! ive been trying to buy it but everytime i click on it, nothing comes up! ):

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you thought about coming to Spain for a concert?

I hope in the Canary Islands. we wait you :D

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very nice site, looks good my man

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SEYx215's picture

Nice updates.^

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great music is the aim or this guy and thats wat he got keep it taylor

Trixiiee's picture

love da re-launch. website is lookin gud :)

flaboi77's picture

Come to Palm Beach!!

mrmorgan's picture

Wiz come to Kansas City. I can't fuck wit IL.

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Ive been on my 'Wiz Khalifa' hype for the past 2yrs & thanks for bringing back REAL MUSIC! Much appreciated! I just copped 'Rolling Papers' & I'm loving it!
One suggestion: please perform more in California. This tour there's only ONE concert. Bring it back to the bay!!!!! Here at San Jose State University, everyone is loving you!

arianabak's picture

Can you make 1 show in like ny thats not 18 or older? Love the way you keep it updated.


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taylortillidie's picture

Ayy love the website definately keepin it up to date GOOD SHIT. Wiz should definately come chill wit his taylors up here in the NorthWest though! :D

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keep up all the good work!!! Mattlantic is on top of shit!!!! postn 25/8 keep that shit up!!! also think CHEVY should do remix of Drunk in Vegas....Drunk Down Rivers!!! Piffsburgh style REMIX!!!!!! i Live in N. Braddock.... keep reppn PGH 2 the fullest!!

out with the new's picture

wiz, on rolling papers i can actually HEAR the platinum streak in your hair- not good. love the old shit, but this album sucks.

KushKlock's picture

Taylor Gang you guys gotta come out to the Pacific Northwest! I missed your last shows up here n been waitin for you to come back! So come blow some o's up here with us!

Spaceyy's picture

Next Album should be named.
- SBR (Stoned Beyond Reality)
butt nahh, rollin papers is badass, i got a pound of some straigh dank from jamaica waiting to be smoked (:

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jay-roc's picture

man Taylor Gang all day if u don 't know now u know. Wiz u tha best. Imma go get tha Cd & blow a whole ounce to that. it's Taylor Gang.

brettcudi1992az's picture

ANy Meet & Greets with Wiz Khalifa himself?
& where do we go to see if hes playing a secret show or whatever?

wizkhalifa54671's picture

immma bye a sweater

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@BIGBENNI - Please contact

bigbenni's picture

hey i ordered the rolling papers bundle on 02/24/2011 and i still haven't reiceved it in the mail...what am i supposed to do?

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Love the music give me something to smoke too... We don't smoke blunts over here just them Paper Planes and we go UP UP UP .... Oh and that Kush and OJ go hard as well as Flight School. Why no skits on this album

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okay im commenting again :) a mate of mine created a page on facebook. Heres the link:!/event.php?eid=192288710808854

You can tell us how many people we need to get by a set date or something like that! Wiz Khalifa needs to come Auckland like OMFG! please please please. Mega Mega FAN here! Honestly like omfg. Just spreading the word. Omfg.

That is all.
One Love.

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come come come to New Zealand - Auckland that is :) You'll be amazed at how many fans that totally dig your music over here. Anyways love your music & swag. Am totally hooked onto your music like OMFG not funny! Well just a suggestion if you plan on having concerts/tours around the world -- please have NEW ZEALAND - AUCKLAND on your list :) that will be much appreciated like totally :) Keep up the good work & go hard , strieve for the best & PEACE !

Omfg wiz -- if you have time can you make a video SAYING WSSUP to me & the fans in AUCKLAND. If you do can you get back to me so I can tell you the people to feature on like a ONE MINUTE clip please! :) love love love.

Clientele's picture

Wiz Khalifa, displays his Street Credentials with DJ Clientele in EZ Widerz, the mixtape!
This is Wiz's official street mixtape "EZ Widerz" before his album drops!

give it a play

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Love wiz love the site keep up the good wrk but Whts up with the Taylor Gang section y is it empty?