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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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Bello4LIFE's picture

Wiz Khalifa if you get this comment read it when will you come to vegaz again

Nicholas Howard's picture

wiz is the shit

Elias_2's picture

Wiz man when your coming to Belgium man? Keep going man.

Young Talent's picture

waz good wiz. my name is Horace ''Young Talent" Hudson. im a music producer, tryna b1. i heard you be puttn unknown beats on? im very versitile and i think i might have some stuff that would fit your voice and style perfectly. heres some of my work
Im not asking for a hand out. jus put me on is all i ask. holla if your interested. i stay in tampa Fl so holla at me on facebook man.

WizKhalifazWife's picture

Wiz Is the man!! i dont care wut NOBODY say!! taylor gang or die BITCH!!!

Young Baby_2's picture

wiZZ Izz THA bestt

spacemonky90's picture

Wiz dude keep doin ur thang hahah

DownForWiz's picture

wiz is that nigga

ESoves420's picture

Come to Cleveland < 3

PiLOT_POLANi's picture

when the hell is WIZ gonna finally fly his ass all the way to da middle on da ocean to HAWAII and do a concert 4 all da peeps chillin in da middle of da ocean

TooTwEEkeD's picture

i think yall shud get it to where we can get da countdown on our facebooks and shit

TooTwEEkeD's picture

ayoo wizz jus wait til u hit up JMU here soon,,we gonna be throwin u soo much love

Taylor Gang 13's picture

wiz shut it down in milwaukee wisconson

Allergic To Broke's picture

I own a clothing line, and I want to hire Wiz for show. He would be the only performer, it'd be at a nightclub in Minneapolis, MN. The show would be promoting the line, but show case Mr. Khalifa at the same time. I've done a lot of non related media research on your camp, and I think we operate under the same fundamentals. I'm open to do this either while he has a break from tour, or after. Please get in contact with me if he has any interest. or

TaylorGaNgCeo's picture

wiz is my nigga man he need to come to da 618 come to Illinois

336KhalifaFan's picture

Wiz we need you in the 336 . When can you come to Greensboro , NC ?

naetaylored's picture

man i freakin love wiz man everything he do i adore.....i kno every single song he ever created downloaded all his jus his biggest of my gaols in life is to meet him n ride the kush bus hahahahahahah TGOD

SnatchVast's picture

Rolling Papers!!

jarrelyoung's picture

I dig everything Wiz is doing. He has the same state of Grind I am doing now...check me out Wiz at
You wont be disappointed dog!

Sickkko's picture

great site! germandy loves wiz! ;) any other german-member outthere?

macnutkauai's picture

kauai in da hale, rollin' up dat maui wowie. Khalifa no ka oi

cab's picture

thiz nikka iz tha shit taylor gang all tha way so fuk young money nd good music

supa_FLAVOR's picture

ps: follow me @supa_FLAVOR & i'll be sure as hell to follow back ;)

supa_FLAVOR's picture

reading Wiz's Bio just makes me wanna look forward to him as an upcoming artist as well as a proud fan to congrats him on his appearance in the Rolling Stone. now bitches Taylor Gang that * throw in the Wiz voice of too, ha

Bacchus Cloudrider's picture

watching daytoday.
your living the life I love man !!

Hope you read all this shit your fans write on this
we're just showing love

Bacchus Cloudrider's picture

i would do anything to bun a zoot with you!!
join willy nelson , legalize this shit.
your a role model

Bacchus Cloudrider's picture

just learnt something from you
DayToday Season 3 ep. 7
where you put that wet towel on the door so the smoke dont go out, thats wiz

Young Wiz_7's picture

Wiz you should most deff make your own Chuck Taylor shoe it can be the "Taylor Gang Exclusive" or you can just call it the TG K which means Taylor Gang Kickers, available to all the taylors that follow you

MaarineWizKham&#039;S's picture

I hope to see Wiz Khalifa in FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE ... but when
WiZ when r u coming to Paris
yu've many fans here

Eharvey's picture

Yo i just wanted to give wiz a little idea. my name is Eli from New Mexico and i smoke with my family and friends alot, so one night we were chillin doin what we do and thought of the "Wiz Khalighter". now when we ask for the lighter we call it the wiz khalighter. get with Bic or Zippo and try and make a lighter named after you. I'd get one. haha well u kno just something to throw in with the rolling papers that u have too. we just blaze and think of ideas so well all hit you up wiz.