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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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Caleb Tibedeau's picture

Yo what up Wiz, you should try to get out to Panama City Beach FL for spring break, largest night club in the U.S. Club LaVela lots of big names all year. you need to throw down and show'em all up they aint got shit on you. if not this year keep it in mind for the next one man and keep goin hard.

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@Philip Lorenz III - All messages related to Wiz Khalifa can be sent to

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Is there any way to contact Wiz Khalifa?

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@cuckcoo516 - The e-mails to be an official fan have not been sent out. We expect them to be sent within the next few weeks.

Liam Beardsmore's picture

chat to wiz when hes online like a chat page or web cam ?

Pierre Jacques Robert's picture

I am French and this guy made a reputation in France know madman congratulations

Pierre Jacques Robert's picture

Blowin purple smoke

sjane's picture

Come to Erie, 814!

sjane's picture

Blowin purple smoke

928ash12ley42's picture

Wiz, I am such a big fan! I live in a small ass town in Ohio, saw you in Columbus & I'll be in Illinois on those trees to see you again the 16th!

Bacchus Cloudrider's picture

wiz khalifa you herbalistt
challenge me for a smokeout!!

suzanneclaire's picture

I am a huge fan, I live in Charlotte NC and was so excited to hear you're coming... Until I found out it's 21+ and I'm only 16! Don't do this to me Wiz! I want to go sdo badly!!!

KevinTaylorGang's picture

Are u ever coming to Miami, FL? let me knoo wanna see u live

Arian Daschty's picture

hi wiz,
i promised my six year old son sami to tell you that he thinks your song „black and yellow“ ist fantastic und your an awesome singer! every time we drive somewhere there is right now only one song i am allowed to play. Of course with repeat function :D

so i´ve kept my greetings and wishes from germany! :)

cuckcoo516's picture

any1 else having problems with the premium preorder package i never got my year membership to be official fan on this site? r u suppost to get email or something

srenee1's picture

wiizz...i went to see you last saturday at the mass mutual center in springfield... i loved the show but i was stuckk all the way in kinda short so that didnt really work out for me hahah...i wish i coulda been closer to you:-(

Bacchus Cloudrider's picture

Are you gonna launch your own Rolling Papers? I would buy them,if they wernt too paperllicous,make them like OCB's.
love listening to your music when I ride them cloudss. PEACE & LOVE.

SHOCKWAVE's picture

WIZ...Don't go to MEXICO!!!! They are out of control with kidnapping and murders.

UmadImStylinOnU's picture

When is khalifa gonna come to brooklyn bronx harlem or downtown manhattan? Yall need to put up a chatroom so all the fans can chat at the same time and it wouldnt hurt if khalifa dropped in every now and then and chat for a couple mins.....

B4LT1M0RE's picture

a song with kid cudi would be the greatest thing in the history of time. and if you came back to baltimore. that show was the shit

brook's picture

always talor gang anywhere

William Bly's picture

whud up doe...???

cuckcoo516's picture

umm i order that package and ditn get my year membership?

Deion_tgod's picture

yesss bout to get the wiz hoodies ......tgod

shale21's picture

taylor gang .!!

nla0314's picture

Where at University of North Florida will you be performing on 4/22? I can't find any info on the campus calendar, etc. Thanks!

taylortillidie's picture

There should be a Taylor Gang app or some ish IDK what would b on it but shit I would use it!

Shit I would make one but I would want it to be official

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Ryen Reid's picture

I believe being as big as Wiz Khalifa you have gotten that you are among the All Stars of the game and stand with and all of your Generation of Rap. I believe your at the level to do a song with Travis Barker or get him to Cover one of your own. I believe this would be a great thang to see for all the TaylorGang to get to see the true shine of swagger coming from a 21st century Rapper. I think it would be an awesome song and hope to see more to come. You ever wanna see some true Taylor Gang come up to BC and Alberta Canada where the best grown bud always comes in chunks. Check out a true Paper Plane guy look up Zig Zag Man neck tattoo.

Roller17's picture

Uh-huh you know what it is!