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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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ink ink babyyy's picture

come to montrealll nowwww

liam.beardsmore's picture

how can we get some pappers man

gordeezie's picture

whats the deal khalifa man, its the boy gordo stopping by jus to let you know how taylor gang came and took over my area like a tornado hit this bitch, hell made me wanna be a fucking member of the gang. anyway loving the music keep that shit up and keep one rolled, and blow that shit outtt....

whiteboy_2's picture

Hay it 's whiteboy my e-mail is write back I can let you know when you can put show in downtown Akron this summer. Think about it you will love it am telling you

whiteboy_2's picture

Hay wut up Taylor gang I grow up in Pittsburgh when I was kid and I can used ride around with my older brothers and we be listening to Wiz Khalifa the Taylor Gang. They used to run the city known everwhere in steel city. Running the city taken over know one can stop the the star team. I would go to Kennywood Park with friends as kid and we be listening to the Plane and all other hits. Putting on for are city with every thing Black & Yellow bicths loveing it. That wut is so carzy there made song about it and know am in Ohio liveing still whereing Black & Yellow in Akron Ohio putting on for my city change akron ohio to all steel city fans where taken over out here in akron you should have concert out here at are lock 3 downtown and see all fans you have out here it's crazy. College Kids that go Akron Unversity out here would go crazy to see you live. You would get made loveings out here. I just started cleaning job at PNC Building out here in downtown akron same one in Pittsburgh PNC is everywhere around here. Like I said and all your fans say we are just wenting on plane to land and get on it take. It's time for star take over are city just ask Wizkhalifa to play show out here this summer he have good time.

kprodukt's picture

Yo Taylor i got a suggestion add Kprodukt to the team. I got the same dreams and inspiration just hard getting started, Man fighting cases niggas trynna rob me cuz the loud have em feenin rapping wit lames, Moms loosing jobs and bad thing is I'm ready just waiting on my plane word up. Yea Man get with me Im all in either yaw hear me now or Guess I see you when Im there cause imon my way. Nigga just feel the vibe ya got im on that so scream at Kprodukt... email me or sumthin dont just watch this and laugh cuz frankly its not funny I really cant believe Im typing this to some dudes that dont know me but thats how serious I am....

asolo86's picture

yo wiz............when r you coming to new york again. i know your not coming to the cuse so shit, let us know when you will be remotely close. i got a plant i want to put on stage,lol jk.............all jokes aside, what i think you need to do next is make a killer r&b track..........cant go wrong with the "get her wet" songs.........halla at ya boy, unsigned hype from the 'cuse. i can def hear us burning a track up. the name is ramone. im the panty droppa,lol i will post a video asap

shelbytiaraa's picture

COME TO VANCOUVRE COME TO VANCOUVER COME TO VANCOUVER :) :) i know so many people that would be so pumped if you did!!!

kissy taylor's picture

need tu make yur way tu charlotte,NC me&& my other taylors will love that!!!

kushNDnakedHoes's picture

all i need to know is where in DALLAS, TX can i get me some Wiz Khalifa Rolling papers????

RayRay_4's picture

yow Wiz ma man when u coming to trinidad dawg u got alot of fans down here including me we digg your style and songs......keep doing your shit

starpowa's picture

I think u guys should come back to detoit and do a show in like june cuz i couldnt even get close to some tickets to the 2 royal oak shows here bruh

Jbtaylorgang's picture

I said life's good so im feeling great call me outta town shawty everyweek a different state !! 3 cellphones Pennsylvania plates on my fourth month money tryna get my money strait !! Wiz be ripping !!

CoolDuDe8o3's picture

me myself i want more daytodays idk wat it is i ben fiendn no homo but shit cool...Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You m tryna tell ya man if wiz do it automatic hit jus a suggestion if tht go down i would like a shoutout..

Spaight Beats's picture

my suggestions would be get in touch with me for beats!

Trey Smith's picture

ready to fly high!

rosko_1991's picture

yo wizz we also got a clothin line if you could see what upp with it just hmu 909-202-3678 we just niggas tryna make it you noe how that gos....much love

rosko_1991's picture

wiz you always doin some hot shit much lovee

Colin McHenry's picture

man this whole music thing is changin for the better thanx to rappers like wiz. Say you ever want some real feedback no suger coat hit me back. Besides that jus like everybody else i need you to come back to Texas everythings bigger in TX joints too. And whats the deal with the e-z water papers i cant find them at ne smoke shop. let me kno. And you need that bomb exotic in houston area let me kno

ChampNation Killa-Kellz's picture

Man i abot 2 ink my whole body cause i dont give a muther fuck......

ChampNation Killa-Kellz's picture

Yo u should come back 2 Atlantic City wiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We miss u man

babyshayne's picture

keep dem number one mixtapes comin! i been listen to yo azz since prince of tha city!!!! wiz khalifa my nigga! eerybody mark my words, this yungin be the biggest thing to ever happen to music!!!! hit me up on twitter @baby_shayne luhdisshit!!!!!!!!!!!

amberlalaland's picture

come party it up in new orleans!!!!! im ineed of a wiz show

bryce.garner's picture

Yo wiz u be the best this be your year like evrey other year

Blackcamaro's picture

2011 belongs to tha man, Wiz Khalifa, n each day i will be playing a wiz song till 2012, maybe even after haha. Watch out people, Wiz is taking over. In the cut. haha

Blackcamaro's picture

Yo Wiz man, all I gotta say is you change ma life in a good way man, and U gon always be my idol. So keep one rolled haha

koj69's picture

yo wiz u doin a great job wit da music keep it up bruh!
~Taylor Gang over everything~

Kevin Lindley's picture

whats up wiz keep on making music you gone be the best pretty soon "Taylor Gang or Die"

Josh Crear's picture

sup wiz ur music is tight

Quincy Crisp's picture

Wuz good wiz, love the music...