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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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eatasammich15's picture

u shuld meat me boiiiii.
i wuld sho u wuts good.
i luv wizzzzzzzzzzzy. :)

taylor2008's picture

what it would it take to meet yhu!!!!!! boi u jus dont know how much i love!!!!!


1,000 me n my crew smoke snybody under the table

TheRealShanelJ's picture

Yeh this is me one night..Leaving the club in Chicago.. They Just Played Black and Yellow in the Club right before I left and this is my reaction : Yeh im drunk ( ) *Copy and Paste* I need more views help me out.. Thanks Wiz Fans :) #Love

shelbytiaraa's picture

i dont think i ever go a day without listening to your music! you should really come to vancouver, id be the happiest person ever! please please please :) :)

Jarrel Lovelace's picture

wiz the kid from chicago wild 100s in this bitch wats good

malcolm tadzz ducasse's picture

wats good wiz

mzazianpersuazion's picture

u should come to NC wiz, i would most def love 2 c u up close and personal

SmokeyMikey's picture

What up Wiz.... Cant Wait For The Milwaukee Show In January! U Know What It Is.

IK IE II T IH's picture

yoo wiz where u at come to ct an get some reall piff ahaha but forreal u need to come out here i missed ur last show an deff not gonna miss the next one...i remember when u were using "bodymarkdup " for ur aim

joeyt67's picture

wiz... I might br your oldest See ya in Royal Oak, MI... TGF JT67

Chase Augustine's picture

black and yellow

Alcapone Taylor's picture

412 okaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

Jaquarius Brown's picture

wat up tgod just passin throu too say wat up wen u coming to florida soon i hope

Kepher420's picture

U already know what it is and if U dont U should bye now, Taylor Gang or Die. I cant wait for U stop in Kalamazoo, MI aka "the ZOO" on the 16th of next month. I was suggesting for all the Taylor Gang fans in the ZOO we have a request concert. Where we post up songs with a minimum limit we would like U 2 perform and we could see the votes add up on your Website but I now theirs so many. Plus this could B a first time thing and BLOW up jus like the Taylor Gang movement

Melli Mell's picture

whts goodie wiz... u should look into doing a concert in the Caribbean, Barbados or Jamaica

DJBMan's picture

Wiz!!!! Over the past 8 months,my Street Team has been getting lots of good inquires from the public.Feel free to contact me in refferenmce to this matter....

MsMiLLeR's picture

Just wonderin when ya gunna be tourin in the Boston area....

TiYanaSpacely's picture

get wiz on here man, this is where the real fans at fareal

Austin Murphy's picture

a wiz bro syop by i got some fire

Lakita G.K.Khalifa's picture


big D_3's picture

wiz your my favorite and in my opinion one of the best around today i've been a fan since the beginning and got all you songs, keep em comin and block the haters starvin for a plate if you dont givem one they hate thats why you gotta keep a pistol

BOSSLADY1007's picture


Shawnece Moore's picture

Glad to see you have fans all over the world Wiz!!!!! I couldn't have thought of a better single to introduce yourself to the rest of the world! Been a fan since 2006! Pittsburgh 4 Life.... Born and raised!!!! You know what it is... "Black and Yellow"

pamy's picture

Just wanted to bring to the crew's attention that the concert scheduled on January 18 in Cincinnati, Ohio - the facility is is misspelleed on website. it is Bogarts, not Bograts. just wanted to make sure fans know where to go

KillaCam's picture

If I Had 3 Wishes Id Wish To Chil With This Foo For 3 Seperate Days lol
You My Hero Bro


KillaCam's picture

This niggas my ispiration for writin smokin and the way i live my life on a daily!
Props To My Nigga Wiz
I Been Listenin From Whnen You were Just Makin Mix Tapes I Knew You Were Gon Blow Up You Got Talent

Much love


bezR's picture

Make your way to Czech Republic. your style is amazing!!!

Edu Vinicius's picture

for sure, the best new rapper right now ;)