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If wiz khalifa knocked on your door and said lets rool up & you dont even smoke do yuh think you wil


on Jun 08, 2011 at 10:46AM

wizz talkk

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xblackandyellowx's picture

i think it is fair to say if he did EVERYONE would have smoke a fat dooby wiv him. Anyone who wouldnt should fuck off.

orangepurp602's picture

lol you guys would be gone for days if wiz hit u up with a j. one hit KO

Thickumz's picture

lol ima i wouldnt ill jux watch n chill wit him...while he havin fun smoking

Perplexed's picture

Hell yea! I'd roll with him any day! It is my dream to meet him and kick it at least once i really want to meet him!

UpInSmoke91's picture

I dont care if i was on my death bed, nothin would stop me from doin that. And anybody who dont smoke needs to get off this site cause thats just DISRESPECTFUL to Wiz

staytaylor'd's picture

ohh yes u dumb to let a good opprotunitie like that down

To TAYLORED's picture

hell yeah I would it's not every day you get to smoke wit someone famous.