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    (30 Apr '11)

    whats the best weed out there in this world 

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on Apr 30, 2011 at 22:24PM

whats the best weed out there in this world 

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TheRocketMan55's picture

All of Colorado's! we have the best weed. Period. its a fact. we mile high for a reason

Nic Campbell's picture

Kush and Orange Juice is dope.. but, I'm more of a Haze and Kool-Aid kind of guy. Just saying..hahaha.

Nic Campbell's picture

I would say that my top three would have to be.. Maui Wowie, Headband, and Ghandi Sativa. That is based off the buds I've smoked though.. I'm sure there are even more danker herbs.

i3rudy's picture

pinapple kush.ahhaha

FloTLG's picture

Bubble n Amnesia!!! haha

Eli Stonewall's picture

reggie bush hahahah

Tristan420's picture

sour diesel

originalflo's picture

Amnesia is one of the best definetly! strong ish

waken...baken...'s picture

super og kush westcoast!

taylorgordie's picture

its depends on how it is grown