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Whats up with the Anaheim Show????!!!


on Apr 14, 2011 at 21:29PM

Where's the Pre Sale Tickets at!!!????

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For all Official Rolling Papers World Tour 2011 dates, please refer to the Tour page on this site: . All confirmed dates are on this page.

Thanks, Webcrew

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All they said was that Wiz wasn't doing a show on this date.

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will there still be another show on the 25th? just not at the honda center?

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any more info on the anaheim show web crew?? still cant find tickets???

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Ahaa damn.. No Wiz in Anaheimm them imma have to goo out to Santa Breezyy :)

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WEBCREW! need more answers on HONDA CENTER concert
have researched many websites and all say there is a honda center concert on june 25
I joined the fan club to buy tickets for this show
is wiz doing a show at the honda center in anaheim?

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Hey everyone,

Just want to keep you updated: Wiz will not be performing at a show on June 25th. Keep posted to the site for more info regarding this date as it comes in.

Thanks, WebCrew

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does they know when they will be up to purchase if the show is going to be confirmed? normal sale tickets are going to be out soon....

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Same here. I called ticketmaster and the Honda center but they don't know anything about the event either. I joined to get tickets early and I'm not driving to Santa Barbara either. Maybe they'll be on sale on 4/20

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They hit me back on Twitter n said that its scheduled but not confirmed yet.

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that's what i've been trying to find out. I even called the concert line, and the dude i talked to said there's nothing available at this time. I specifically joined so i could get tickets early for this, and they nowhere to be found. i don't wanna drive all the way out to santa barbara, but i might have to if they keep slackin on this date.

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dude ive been wondering the same thing