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whats ya fav wiz song ?


on Mar 24, 2011 at 09:03AM

mine is roll up... so far

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Banana -Wiz Biggest Fan's picture

#Team'Roll Up..... ! :)

mrsspacely22's picture

up, in the cut, the thrill, wake up, roll up, top floor

phibib's picture

atl freestyle or when im gone

Linvall Julius's picture

all the tracks but wake up takes the crown

ltghostman's picture

mine is...ALL of them sheeeeiit !

icecoldkilla's picture

mine is on my level and roll up

Meghan R's picture

Young Wild and Free, Get Your Shit, When I'm Gone, No Sleep, Roll Up

Sue Ngyuen's picture

i like "taylor gang"

wizzies wifey's picture

Mesmerized, Roll Up, Taylor Ganq,

wizzies wifey's picture

Mesmerized, Roll Up, Taylor Ganq,

wizzies wifey's picture

Mesmerized, Roll Up, Taylor Ganq,

wizzies wifey's picture

Mesmerized, Roll Up, Taylor Ganq,

Khalifa_fanatic_2's picture

&&& ink my whole body LOl . dont believe i forgot that

Khalifa_fanatic_2's picture

its hard to choose but my top 5 are -- Never Been -- Talk to Ya -- The Trill -- Car Service -- && When im Gone -- but the other ones i can listen to on repeat are -- Wake up -- RoofTops -- Incompatible -- Roll Up -- Phone Numbers -- Real Estate -- Gang Bang -- Goodbye

jcnugg's picture

Ode to A Naked Pop Star!!!!!!!!! That shit is the sweetest!!!!!! The fact that its the Drake "Best I Ever Had" beat is of no matter he makes it his own and that is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylor_gang_jay's picture

B.A.R Ink My Whole Body all really on the new album black and yellow

Alexander Orlowski's picture

On my level, Pittsburgh sound is really good too nice flow and the vid is awesome, the ride outta the fort pitt tunnel is one of the coolest things da Burgh has to offer

Clo91's picture

Fly Solo!!!!

calistonia's picture

it's all about The Race, Great 2 be here, name On A Cloud, Hollywood Hoes, Make It Hot, This Plane...... Hoe.
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Bryan Khalifa's picture

when im gone, no sleep, roll up, real estate, the race and young wild & free

TGoD Khalifa412's picture

Take your shit.
Take yo bitch.

mrmorgan's picture

Mezmorized and Flickin Ashes. Swisher sweet no philly

iRichie's picture

Ink my whole body, Real estate , Never Been

Thalia's picture

I like all of them.

princezzd89's picture

in the cut,this plane,pittsburg sound,b.a.r(burn after rolling),wont land,the thrill,hopes and dreams,roll up,pedal to the metal,right here,take away....dag i got too many so im not gonna continue lol

arianabak's picture

black and yellow, the statement, the kid frankie, goodbye, the race, no sleep, on my level, roll up,

Ricky Purp's picture

Damn dat a hard question...but i wud say my top3 wub be "The Thrill" (da 1st song i listen 2 by Wiz dat made me wanna be a taylor), "Mezmerized", and "The Race"

KushKlock's picture

ALL OF EM! Wiz has way to many good songs to just pick one!

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