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whats ya fav wiz song ?


on Mar 24, 2011 at 09:03AM

mine is roll up... so far

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brettcudi1992az's picture

BLACK & YELLOW ,The Thrill, B.A.R, Smokerface, On My Level,
, Roll Up, & all Kush & OJ

iRichie's picture

Anything off Kush & Oj ....

iRichie's picture

Aint possible

david_queen's picture

still balzin, up, and in da cut.

keykeyaira's picture

courtney... im definitly a girl

jordyn15's picture

There are so many first would be "in the cut" then "up" "good dank"

courtneykhalifa's picture

Dang, that a hard question...too many bro.

taylor_gang_jay's picture

ink my whole body

tayolredpretty's picture

the thrill

TGODpaperflow's picture

Never been..................Hands Down!!

taylortillidie's picture

ATL freestyle is my song but I don't really havea fav..

originalflo's picture

i got toooooooo much....more than 20....i cant pick 1 specific;)

wiseguy2's picture

i got someshit of em ....B.A.R, this plane , never been, up and right now i'll have to say its young, wild nd free