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Perfect Plane


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    (30 Mar '11)

    How to Roll the Perfect Joint?

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on Mar 30, 2011 at 23:40PM

How to Roll the Perfect Joint?

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If you are interested i can show u with a video, (you would have to pm me and Ill give you step my step instructions on the perfect joint) I roll with filters so u don't waste tree, burn ur fingers/lips, or get a wet soggy end. Wiz has a pretty good video but you never put the filter in last and the Twist at the front only makes it harder to get a nice tight joint, it usually ends up being loose which will do the following to you joint: canoe, weed burns faster since its lose and will catch fire easier. be harsher.

Like i said in my one post that taylortillidie refuses to comment on, its a flawed rolling technique..

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I don't smoke lol

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just try and try...and roll it with these ones:

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Look up wiz's video on youtube hahhaa he shows you exactly "how to roll a perfect joint with wiz khalifa" (that's the name of the video btw)