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Who else got their Rolling Papers Cd in the mail?


on Mar 28, 2011 at 13:09PM

I just got my premium bundle in the mail just now! I thought it was gonna get here a couple days after release but I got mines a day early! Thats what up! Who else got theirs already?

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Pat_3's picture

I didn't get mine yet that's some bullshit

Meghan R's picture

I got it!

macnutkauai's picture

i never got mine yet and it's late, biatch

originalflo's picture

-mine was shipped on friday, but i live in Germany so it´ll take some more days...

taylortillidie's picture

Man that's some ish ! They just sent mine out today :'( oh well ordered some sweat shirts from another site ready to rep that Taylor Gang everywhere!

Cameron Jibril Thomaz3's picture

I'm finna order mine right now lol.

TREY LOCO's picture

Lol, hell yeah. I been rockin my hoodie, with the chucks of course all day. And listened to the cd about 5 times today. Its real laid back and good music to ride and smoke to.

dont_hate_zach's picture

Just got mine today too!

tayolredpretty's picture

how come i didn't get mines :(

elroon502's picture

u already no i did famo shits bangin too!!