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when do i receive my code for taylor gang


on Mar 24, 2011 at 20:15PM

i pre order the bundle but i have no code to register my taylor gang membership any know when i will get it what do i need to do thanks all

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Shit is crazy I have email customer service and no resolution I got my album but no fan club code and thats why I pre order their system sucks and no customer service number so mad any suggestions

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you´ll get an email with a link in it u have 2 click...but it takes some time. i had to wait like 2 weeks.i thought it had to do with the re-launch of the site but it seems to be a "normal" thing...
im the one "taylortillidie" talked about below;)

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that sucks should have got it right away

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Ayy I asked the same thing earlier someone told me he got his within two weeks so i guess we gotta wait "/