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If You could spend 24hours With Wiz khalifa?


on Dec 11, 2010 at 21:43PM


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cecerenee23's picture

haha yu DO, but DON'T wana know haha
but i would smoke as much as i could & i'd get like 7 tattoos haha

Itz All About That Wiz's picture

On Tha Real.. I dont Even Know. My Life Would Be Complete.

khumi's picture

smoke chill eat...........then do it all over again

trilLepp's picture

kick it in the day peep some knowledge, and when the sun sets go out get crunk and enjoy some "fringe" benefits for rollin in the entourage

Jonny Doggett's picture

Smoke hella tree, get tatted, meet taylor gang ,and chill ya kno

jarrelyoung's picture

We would be in the studio making good ass music. Real talk...check me out at

SweetLou's picture

id smoke so much weed that id cure peoples glaucoma just by looking at them.


Ivana Peguero's picture

OMG! Everythinq he wants word to me like anythinq he wants im with it! BUT IM A BUD HEAD SO SCROLL UP JUST LIKE HIS SONG STILL BLAZIN. = )

mctaylorgang28's picture

we be lightin up a fat dutchs havein cabin fever on repeat and be joy ridein! lets goooooooooo wiz

Carnage's picture

pour two cup of bombay n lemonade . then roll some planes n kick a few freestyles. maybe hit a club here in vegas. Gang Gang

damienprejeant's picture

i would def blow down all day and all night ya digg

theplanes123's picture

Record Music all day long and shoot a Day Today episode .

MsiCanPearlEm's picture

Honestly,, lol Kick it! Im chillin with Wiz Khalifa,. I can pearl em so no matter what the day would be right,.

Aaron Scott's picture

Johnny Montana's picture

im tryna get trashed n tatted... juss sayin aha oh yea we cnt forget about tha ladiessss aha

MEECH-412's picture

smoke doobies and fuck bitchs

hip-hop khalifa's picture

smoke weed till we cant move then smoke more :L:L !!!!!

Kona Ke tayor gang's picture

Let this nukka know who Kona Ke is n Who Kona Ke gonna be in the soon future, While we smoking flavorless blunts.

WhizKalifa's picture

Burn after rollin, me and my boy bennyhonna stay high as fuck rollin around in a Yellow mini coop w racing wheels and black stripes. holler wiz

Eric_9's picture

smoke joints

nolamonroe's picture

roll up dem paper planes...where im frm i stay boarding flight

Philip Lorenz III's picture

Is there any way my grandson could get a backstage pass at this year's Roo to meet Wiz Khalifa?

MouStaF's picture

Smockin BLUNTS All Dayy

Sir Moore's picture

We would smoke drinkin that Oj ahaha...but on the real we would chill with that Kush.

AndezDK's picture

We would get high and make a track ;b

bambi babi's picture

lol chef and play wii i know thats corny but i dont really give a damn..then whatever we get into is fine with me

Jolly_Smokes_Bud's picture

Bring hella bud. Match with hella bud. Smoke hella bud. Kick it, rap, smoke, fuck bitches, and get money. Easy question what else can you ask for.

babydoll's picture

whutteva he wanna do (: l0l ?

Arielle559's picture

Whatever he's down for ;)

UmadImStylinOnU's picture

sit on his face...he look like one of those dudes that will eat ya pum pum so good like it was his last home cooked meal b4 going to prison