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If You could spend 24hours With Wiz khalifa?


on Dec 11, 2010 at 21:43PM


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Blackout_072's picture

i wud shyt maself

EndoKing11's picture


TonySpece21's picture

i would try in keep up with smokin with him n kick back

sneakerwearinbitch's picture

hit that loud paks ...uh huh you no wat it is...
......and(.... ... .... ... .. ...)! lolz

Anthony Brown's picture

to smoke a 6 foot nd 3inch dubbie haha

boilooney's picture

lmao shiiiit i'll tellem match that shit!

William Bly's picture

i woud first say fo shooooo and then poop everywhere because i wouldnt believe it lol

Dwayne Brewer's picture

Roll hella papers full of nothin but fire, spit bars, cake on ho's, sip patron, blast oldies, spit more bars and then ask that nigga if i can get signed :D

1breyon's picture

Damn where do i begin..shit i would have the biggest smoke season ever. High grade all day nothing but the best in Tallahassee, FL.

Jennifer S's picture

well me and him would go around our town pittsburgh visiting all the places we know smokn all day of course the best weed, just hang out and hear all his experiences maybe look at so some of those tats all over his body

princezzd89's picture

ohh man wut wouldnt i do wit him lol its jus so many things i wanna do wit him and 2 him mmmm,let me stop,well besides that i would smoke wit him and jus chill get to know him he look like a cool fun dude 2 chill wit

AmityVille's picture

Do I have to keep it Pg? Ahaha ;)

Dub's picture

get bullet all day.. and run a train on amber rose!!! i'd beat tha breaks off dat bitch!!

Tae Babe's picture

we will smoke thoes whole 24 hours . .

SophieTGOD's picture

Smoke weed, lauuuuuuuuuugh a lot, and make love ! haha

Lil JayVon's picture

smoke make a couple of songs n jam to Bone Thugs

JBUCK's picture

i would smoke cali weed with him and be hella high rappin and laughin bout dumb shit and joke about people and hit on bad bitches while we high as fuck sippin on some sizzurrpp

andrenal's picture

I would just want to get to know him. Whatever happens, happens.

SourPower24's picture

We would Smoke goods the whole entire day pop a few bottles of Blue Sapphire throw on some instrumentals n spit a few bars chill wit some bitches have hella munchies and food and shit n live the Taylor Gang lifestyle

John Garman's picture

shit we would roll some O.G nuggets an record some music an chill playing some Nintendo...

fullylaced3's picture

chilll likea vill wahtt else

illaska420's picture

shhiiit if me n dat nigga wiz were chillin, wed be chilln in the limo blowin trees rollin doobies up all day man wtf else would we do.. then wed go pick up some hoes n juss live man just chill enjoy our ups

Lici So Proper's picture

Lol all yall wanna do is just smoke wit Wiz as if that aint gone be an obvious part of his day. And those who just wanna get famous off of him... C'mon now, you aint a true fan then. No comment on the girls who just wanna fuck a star *groupies*
For me, I already feel like I know Wiz just through watchin all his vids, behind the scenes, readin
up on him, a live concert in Toronto...
24hrs, he'll get to know someone else who's real, down to earth but from a diff planet. Lil ol me,
dats all. He's real cool, layed back and definitely a joker from what I've seen. I dont think I'd play his music all day with him, cause he hears it all the time, n I listen to his music from '06-'11
constantly, so that wont be new.
We'd probably chill, watch tv, a movie, just enjoy the company, doobs come naturally like breathin air, so that aint a task. We'd prolly roam downtown Toronto, see whats fun to do... Indoor rock climb high as fuck, complete spa package, laser quest (lol- would be fun with the whole Gang) or paint ball, maybe go-karting.. just a few ideas.

taylorgang mar's picture

smoke and write raps

stunna man's picture

i would eat smoke and fuck wit some bitches...and chill

dizzale's picture

Juz blaze

Alex Harris_2's picture

i get smoked out burn some hash go to the cannibis shop if you a real stoner you got a cannabis card but any ways well go to the club and buy it all the go sip on some rose and fuck with some hoes get high and leave them bitches on the side of the rode

tipton's picture

have him teach me the art of rolling a perfect zag, and then fuck some bitches

justadremaer's picture

smoke a hundred doob's and record a track.. then go clubbin.. then smoke 100 more doob's... ideal lifestyle for everyday.. just to be rich and chill with wiz

raydogg91's picture

smoke a couple blunts and hit up the studio