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If You could spend 24hours With Wiz khalifa?


on Dec 11, 2010 at 21:43PM


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alicia bean's picture

I would try to get to know him and blow down.

Shane B's picture

i would roll up like 40 planes and we just smoke & listen ti his music .

Jaityna_4_Khalifa's picture

Fuck 24 hours if I had 2 hours I would suck him fuck him and smoke wit him .

kprodukt's picture

I would be like im not spitting shit till i get a deal and lets go to cali and blaze unc got the farm on smash... oh yea

Tyler Burgan's picture

smoke and record sum songs, take pics for proof i chilled with him.. n have a sick night pickin up sum bad bitches \;;/, TGOD

Tyler Burgan's picture

smoke and record sum songs, take pics for proof i chilled with him.. n have a sick night pickin up sum bad bitches \;;/, TGOD

taylordredotcom's picture

smoke hellatrees:)

mzunique69's picture

jus chill watch sum movies, listen tuh music, smoke n drank. den go out act a dam foo n have a thowd ass time.

YungChoppa's picture

Man Smoke Sum Trees And Then I'll Have Me A Stogy. Then Eat, Go Up In The Studio Listen To Him FreeStyle. And Then Go Out Partyin All Night Partyin.

kissy taylor's picture

24 hours with him!! ill just chill an let it happen likes its supposed tu!!

blackass89's picture

get high as the ceiling thats that then higher than that n cause a gin o cide

starpowa's picture

i would prolly spend some marijuana minutes wit him and smash some good ass food then be coolin and do w.e he wanted to do

Wizhead Vic's picture

Smoke like shiii. Geek like shiii. Chill.. Its Wiz! Live it up like shiiii nd see if I can do it again lls

Miles Gibson's picture

i wud have a rolling contest

Spaight Beats's picture

haha a lot of yall are sayin you'd just smoke up with wiz, i mean cmon thats the basic stuff. I'd get him on some of my beats yo, smoke up so we can appreciate them and then chill out while he spits on that shizzz, that would be epic. and then we could hit some crazy restaurant for lunch and eat a shitload. but if i could spend 24 hours with khalifa man i wouldn't waste that shit haha. i'd spend 24 hours makin sure i was gonna be wanted around for more than the 24 hours.

juvyy .'s picture

Bakee / Shopp / Bakee . $

Matt Wolfson's picture

I would buy him, myself, and all of Taylor Gang 4 O's (of flour) and bake up some goodies in the bakery.

Jay TAYLOR GANG Jay's picture


_elegant_beauty__'s picture

If i had 24 hours with the great wiz khalifa, i will get fucked up more than i ever had in my entire life and then bond with him so we can become buddies..swagg! :D

SiCKEST of C.B.Y.A's picture

fuck all thatbullshit people are talkin, sayin the same thing's, naw id go sky diving with wiz, then chill out where ever the best places be at, roll a few obviously, see what its like to be a Taylor! (ps haha thats my real names lolz xD)

cecerenee23's picture

i'd blow wit him 4 half the fuckin day.! then i'd do a lotta other stuff wit him.! *winkwink* lol

GottaLuv_Londen's picture

Shit I would just qet with him and let the day flow while we qet Super Blowed..Okayy

amberlalaland's picture

get fuckin blowedddddddd

Yung_Mack's picture

We'd Hit The Studio, Smoke Hella Blunts, Get Tatted Up And Just Have A Fat Ass House Party

smokin all day's picture

ha me and wiz would kick it and mix that orange juice and smoke that kush all day long with mass of the taylor gang and hoes it would be live as hell
keep up the work wiz khalifa
taylor gang or die

Captin Taylor's picture

kush and orange juice all in my system if i was wit wiz (okay)

get at me man tryin to come up wit my own lil taylor gang crew no disrespect to the wiz but we gotta it started its gettin bigger and bigger everyday

Joe_6's picture

I wish I could spend time with Wiz for 24 hours. I would love to beat his skinny azz for the whole entire day. Give him a whooping to explain he dont know nothing about quality rap. You a boy Khalifa and you really aint got the skills homie. Black and yellow come on. Get something real you smoke boy so talk about something deep you just a wack azz 20 yo nothing. Get some skills and get respect out here in Cali. You aint got it. No matter what they tell you. The streets dont lie homie. Just letting you know whats up. Come down to South Sac sometime and I love to show you some street. Bye BOY.

IK IE II T IH's picture

That whole 24 hours of me with wiz would be smoking trees , out of zig zags that is no blunts , listening to all his songs an play gta iv , an gettin wavy as fuck all dayy.

big D_3's picture

hit that studio and make a hot ass song

tammyboo22's picture