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Whats your favorite Wiz Khalifa Song?


on Nov 18, 2010 at 19:23PM

From lyrical content to Party songs! Which is your favorite?

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Jazz'lynn's picture

Roll Up !

kushking85's picture

I'm looking for a "buss down"

DameP Peezy's picture

who I am( best wiz is that gangsta wiz )

YungChoppa's picture

This Plane

ihateLogan's picture

in the cut

confiushis's picture

gd up
pretty fresh

Jerkthakid's picture

black and yellow

Mita-D.K.'s picture

kant khooze dey all sick as fuck

starpowa's picture

Ink My Whole Body, this Plane, Still Blazin and prolly If i Were a Lame. But i mean shit i likeall his tracks.

Mr.Spacely2's picture

Everythin he write go hard but id have to say my favorite song wud be NEVER BEEN or MEZMORIZED

cecerenee23's picture

dey all go hard as fukk haha i love them all.! Wiz the truth real shit.!

GottaLuv_Londen's picture

The Check Point and Material are my fav but truely I fucks with em all

Emaani-Ra'nay Daniels's picture

In the cut*

YouKnowWhatitisPA's picture

BLACK AND YELLOW azz of right now!!! That videoo gave me some inspiration for some shit. Pop bottles also is good, and always gotta love SMOKIN GOOD

Karma_3's picture

The Statement and Mezmorized! TGOD

big D_3's picture

goodbye, be easy, crazy since the 80's , say yeah, pop bottles, all of BAR, and all of prince of the city2, and this plane, pittsburg sound, and make it hot.

Khalifa's Wifeyy's picture

Never Been!! annnd ink my whole body (;

tammyboo22's picture


ShonGunz's picture

in the cut , damn it feels good to be a taylor , black and yellow ,this plane , the whole kush and orange juice , young khalifa , never been , say yeah and pittsburg sound and deal or no dead

Kidd Flair's picture

definitely never been, incompatible, keep one rolled, ink my whole body and B.a.r. are my top favorites but everything he makes is amazing

ChelleTaylorGangn's picture

i love em all!!
but i wuld say In The Cut, Mezmorized, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor, Ink My Whole Body, Never Been, etc. damn its jst to many...

Lakita G.K.Khalifa's picture

This Plane and In da Cut!

William_2's picture

smoking good, and say yeah!

VeronicaTayLorGanng's picture

. my favees areee ; " atL freestyle " helLO kitty ; in the cut ; get sum ; goodbye ; still blazing ; were done ; G'd up ; incompatibLe ; ink my whole body ; damn it feals good to be ah tayLor ; take Yo' BitCh ; alL in my blood ; my thing ; that nigaa ; this plane ; say yeah ; MAKE IT HOT

VeronicaTayLorGanng's picture

bLaCk &' YelLOw isnt Thee Beest Sonq wiz Has . Shit " atL "Goo haard &' soo doees incompatibLee , &' Take YO' bitCCh , &' iBelieve in make believe

Kinq Krush'em's picture

Shit , i'd Have To say he really put it down with I Still Remember , This Plane , Black And Yellow And G'd Up .

wiz_martin_1114's picture

Black and yellow is my new fav but b4 it was planes and idk if ya heard of this one but Its a burgh thing ft a Rapper named money SL from Connellsville bad ass song check it out

naim4life's picture

black and yellow, pittsburgh sounds,and ink my whole body

j.bird's picture

Black and Yellow and Kush

fvhs45's picture

this plane, moola and the guap, black and yellow, never ever