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Whats your favorite Wiz Khalifa Song?


on Nov 18, 2010 at 19:23PM

From lyrical content to Party songs! Which is your favorite?

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KushMasterChris's picture

Ink my whole Body, dreamer, when you find.

BlazerudeeAF's picture

i Love all of them , but some of my favorites would have to be...
Still Blazin' , Studio Lovin' , Incompatible , Mezmorized ,Car Service , Hello Kitty , In Da Cut , In My Car , This Plane ,Chewy , Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor , Ink My Whole Body , Never Been , etc.(No specific order )
T.G.O.D bitches

KeeMoeJoe's picture

Welcome - If you like sloww shxt , then that song is great.

datwh1t3b0y's picture

all of em.

MOo'MOo's picture

Still Blazin, Black Nd Yellow, Youngin On His Grind, This Plane

Non-Fiction's picture

Mesmorized...Still Blazin...Pedal to The Medal.....Black An Yellow(For Us Steeler Fans) ALL CLASSICS Plenty More But Them Stuck Out So Far

Kid_In_The_Cut's picture

Say Yeah, Pedal to The Medal, Waken Baken, Mesmorized, Kid Frankie, B.A.R., Soulmate, Boarding Pass, Hero Freestyle, Never Been, Fly Solo, Incompatible, Weed Roller, Won't Land, Chewy, If I Were a Lame, In The Cut, Up, The Thrill, Good Dank, Still Blazing, When You Find... etc

David Fast-Life's picture

chewy , this plane , vato and alla kxoj

selenalynnLove's picture

black n yellow, burn after rolling, this plane nd still blazin.

dan.rez's picture

buss down/ so high

lexxi's picture

it would either be Damn it feels good to be a taylor or So high

UrbanWiz's picture

i would have to say Mezmorized & Were Done

BaByBlue's picture

"This Plane" BaBy

Gave me a new outlook on what I want.

johngetdoealldai's picture

its too many to name because that nigga go hard.....but at the moment im still on that kush and oj, i listen to that on my way to the medical weed spot..wiz khalifa shades cover my eyes not them 100$ ray bands fam theese 675......haha...jet life

laurel_marie's picture

i love blac kand yellow because its about pittsburgh and thats were i live and he is like totally awesome

patwhite's picture

Check out Big Paul out of Orange County, Va. Up and coming rapper who stays reppin the Gang day and night, always taking flight, and doing whatever it takes to get mainstream. BigPaulOC on youtube!!!

Mitch Arndt's picture

Never Been
Make It Hot
In The Cut
Ms RightferNow
... mainly when hes talkin bout bitches lol which is alot, nd obviously he mentions weed in evry song to keep it real, but the weed ones too, ya kno!

Zack Gibbon's picture

i like all his songs but i think youngin on his grind is my favorite

WiLL Tgod's picture


Songs so chill.

TiYanaSpacely's picture

Sky High, Good Dank, The Thrill, and Chewy :*

Niamani's picture

the thrill
we're done
when u find
still blazing
the statement
the kid frankie
pedal to the medal
his freestyle to alicia keys "everything"
on tha pill
damn it feels good to be a taylor

Evan Roderick's picture

pedal to the metal!

KushedSasquatch's picture


Kepher420's picture

U cant just have 1 if U reppin that Taylor Gang Movement but here are some favorites Cabin Fever, G'd Up, Say Yeah, Dreamer, Starstruck, In The Cut, In My Car, Incompatible, Let It Go, Mrs. RightFerNow, and of course Black & Yellow.

hazehazard's picture

in the cut :)

Breezy_7's picture

theres SO many...
were done
the thrill
pedal to the medal
who i am
hollywood hoes
car service
& starstruck:)

Blackout_072's picture

ink ma whole body, chewy, in da cut, memorized

Erik Lindmark's picture

although I do like most of his stuff, I gotta say that I love black and yellow the most. its hypnotic

Rodney Talley's picture

good dank, damns it feels good to be a taylor,youngin on his grind and this plane i no you jus said 1 bt its hardall his shit fiya.....o yeah and american dream......STAR POWER T.G.O.D

Dazla's picture

Never ever