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wiz khalifa vs wayne?


on Dec 15, 2010 at 12:48PM

wiz and wayne? who thinks they needa get on a track

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AmityVille's picture

When you weigh the pros and cons, Wiz wins all day. :)

D' Khalifa's picture

Im a fan of wayne but i gtta put my nigga wiz on this one...they should get a track together though

wizloover21's picture

wiz all day ;
but i aint gonna stunt wayne a monster:)

iamnicknicotine's picture

they're both good artists who should both get on a track together... but.... its wiz all the way man.

ace_tribiani's picture

lmao, i just realized what yu guys said about wayne,,,,,,,,,yeah he kinda sold out !

Morgan Rhom's picture

dey both freshh as fuck but wiz got it. both on the same shit would be dope as hell

Michael_7's picture

wayne played out and rap bout dha same shit....
fukk young money...taylor gang alll day

whizkidd's picture

fuk wayne he aint got nun on my nigga whiz...thats mii father

Taylor'd_Jay's picture

Fuck wayne, wayne is a bitch. Khalifa would reck that nigga.

cecerenee23's picture

man if they did get on a track 2 gether, i'd fuckin scream..den i'd love that song 4 the rest of ma livin days.! haha that would be hella tight doe

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PaperPlaneGang TGOD's picture

It Will Happen, Weather Its In 2011 or 12.
Wiz Is So Hot Right Now, Of Coarse Hes Gonna Hop On A Wayne Song Or Wayne Will On One Of His.
And Wiz Features With So Many People Who Are Close To Wayne, So You Better Keep Your Eyes Open Cause It Will Happen.

Iamseanoshea's picture

Nah i don't think them doing a song would clash well...their styles are ENTIRELY different.

wiz_martin_1114's picture

hell yeah they do that would be one killer fuckin song im sure it will happen here soon the wiz is close with a few ppl in young money cash money check out his song with drake million dollars