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Wiz do you have AIDS


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    (10 Jan '11)

    I heard it everywhere is it true? If not prove these girls wrong and get a HIV test!!

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on Jan 10, 2011 at 09:57AM

I heard it everywhere is it true? If not prove these girls wrong and get a HIV test!!

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lol. NOt trying to offend but to me people replying this saying bit** ,etc. take things to serious and need to focus on things that matter lol. people should take a vacation from the internet .. seriously getting mad over a question pertaining to a famous person that doesnt care much if you stepped up to defend him.

KidWizKhalifa's picture

stwwwwwwwww haterz haterz , why yall hatein my idol . unnuh gweh.....

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This Is Ah Dumb Question FlatOut

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groupie hoes just talkin !

flappy188's picture

chicken heads talkin trash

niyah08251994's picture

Ya'll probably sleep wit him It was just a question he aint got to answer but when start getting all the paparrzi in his face he gone wish he didnt sleep with yall

ASHLEY 3's picture

wtf, if you not sleepin w/ him, then whats it to you?

Wizhead Vic's picture

Lls I fux wit yu Shelbyx...
Nd Bitch that is a stupid question... Everyone heard it but yur the only dumbass to ask..
Fuck outta here wit all that

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LOLOLOL. wiz havin aids! HAHA ur fucked.

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Niyah wot eva man.u really do chat nuff shit.And please dont tell me bout wot ican n canot comment on. did u push me out? ....nah didnt fink so, so plz go bout ur bizness.....n 1 mo fing ow can u randomly ask some one do you have aids? ...hav u got any sense dont be stupid!! like he is goin 2 say Yeh Man! cool!! lol

drippinwetlu's picture

Niyah your drawlin' mamas!

niyah08251994's picture

For your information I wasn't talking to you I was talking to Wizhead Vic So get a life and stop commenting on my discussion. Like I said the question was for Wiz not your dirty butt so you shouldnt have said anything! And like I said he probably got it from one of yall dirty tricks thank you very much!!!!!!!

shelbyx's picture

Yo Nyah go suck out your dutty Mom...bout got it from mi got it from your mom get me !!!

niyah08251994's picture

Girl it was a question for Wiz not you so don't comment no more trick!!! He probably got it from you

shelbyx's picture

AH please he aint got no aids , I no he smokes nuff but he wud strapp up

Wizhead Vic's picture

not for yu to kno