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How would you describe what TaylorGang is?


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    (25 Oct '10)

    Everybody comes up with different answers when people ask "Whats Taylor Gang?"


    How would you describe it?





    Taylor gang or...


    (you finish it off)

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on Oct 25, 2010 at 19:43PM

Everybody comes up with different answers when people ask "Whats Taylor Gang?"


How would you describe it?





Taylor gang or...


(you finish it off)

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Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaylorr ganggg :)

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I describe it as a lifestyle, a movement, a way of living and the only way to live.
Taylor gang over everything!

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Id describe TaylorGang as real

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taylor gang or teabag a bear trap

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Taylor gang or burn alive man straight up!

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i describe it as a lifestyle.

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Wtf? Get out the game.

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Two words ME! Bitch! lol

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@Taylortilldeath. Yeahhh so many bandwagon fans.
Tayyylloorr gangg or dieeeeeeeee

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Taylor comes from the high school he went to "Taylor Allderdice."


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I been listen to wiz since High school and see a bunch of bandwagon fans not knowin what taylor gang is. Yes in the beginning it was about the chucks but now its about the lifestyle. Yes smokin some of the earths finest gift is apart of it its also being who you are and being that well. It's about bein confident in who you are and not tryna as wiz said "fit in, but stand out." It's about being the chillest coolest and realest person anyone should know. fuck lames.

It Taylor Gang or Die
Paper Planes over Errything
Jets Nigga
Get wit it or get rolled over

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Taylor gang or swim in a pool of shit with your mouth open

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Best Black and Yellow parody ive seeen yet on the web lol

called "Watchin' Porno"

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TAYLOR GANG or get out of town & never come back lol

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Taylor gang or jack off with sand paper

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Taylor Gang or deep throat a lightsaber

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It all started because Wiz rocks the Chuck T's and he went to school at "Taylor "Alderice High school in PA. His crew that goes every where with him is the real Taylor Gang! We, his fans, have made ourselves part of that Taylor Gang, and he has embraced it. It has since transformed into a lifestyle! To be Taylor'd I would say means that you blaze down hella trees and live the good life on a daily basis! You gotta do what is true to you, and don't let people change you!

Grab a pair of camos and some Chuck Taylors and kick it the Taylor'd way!

Taylor Gang over Everythang!

Taylor Gang or eat a dick

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Taylor gang or drown in pisss.!

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Taylor Gang Or Run Across The Freeway Blind Folded

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This Taylor Gang ishh is a Movement an a Lifestyle.!!.
If you ain't Taylor'D you'd never understandd

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Kusssssssssh &&' OJ be the components! :)

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you gotta be smoking if you a official taylor

if you aint taylor than you aint alive nikka hahaha

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the shit duh

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if you're a true taylor go check out my fan site they have the best taylor gang description

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Smoking those paper planes, and reppin the gang

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Aha thats what im saying!! :)
Taylor gang over everything!

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Taylor Gang is Wiz Khalifa nd his crew of followers.

If you rock Chux, Smoke papers religiously, or rock camp shorts as @KUSHANKPURP said, you are a taylor. oh yeah, polo socks too. they match my polo hat