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5 tickets for sale for the sold out boston show


on Oct 20, 2010 at 19:29PM

I got 5 tickets to the sold out show in boston November 21st.  Any taylors that need tickets respond to this post or message me

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ill deff be at that late show i bought my tickets like two months in advance ahaha :p cant wait

KeechyTaylorG56's picture

theres two boston shows in one night? whatttt??

TGoD_Sterbz's picture

That's whats up man. I'll give you a heads up in the next couple days imma have to talk to my fellow taylors that are riding with me to see if they are down to cop tickets too to go to both shows. I'll keep in touch.

Stay Taylor'd


pjh25's picture

yeah i have tickets for the show that starts at 10. How many would you be looking to buy dude? And what would you be willing to pay? I'm gonna give them out to the best offer but I might be able to help you out because I know you're a true fan on this website

TGoD_Sterbz's picture

Hahahah my b fam. just tryna get some information.

Well I got tickets to the early show, i was maybe thinknig of grabbing a ticket for the second cause I'll be in boston that night anyways.

Wiz goes on at 11 at the later show right?

I wouldn't pay more than 100$ for a small public venue for one artist. But hey, that's just me.

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TGOD_STERBZ I appreciate the condescending tone of the overall message. General Admission, for the 10pm show. I think you underestimate taylors out there trying to see wiz. Tickets in dallas are being sold for as much as 125 dollars for admission to the show. But i'm negotiating with some people now, but best price wins. What are you willing to pay?

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Uhm. You have NO information... and there is no private message on here dunce.

Early show or Late shoe?

Just general Admission?

And what are your prices?

The tickets sold for 24.50 so I figure you wouldn't charge alot more than that otherwise i don't think ppl will buy em

KeechyTaylorG56's picture

what up cuh. what u lookin to charge?