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WHat Song and weed is A good combo


on Oct 18, 2010 at 12:14PM

HEad foneS X weed is the shit

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Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You

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Kush & Orange Juice - Up

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@MIKEYCEE hit the nail on the head.

TGoD_Sterbz's picture

I prefer my plane to be fat, and filled with half OG KUSH and half SOUR DEEZ. with some blue dream budder on top. Yeah.... Get taylor'd

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Definitely "Up" off of Kush x OJ

"Boarding Pass" off F.S.

"Shame" off F.S.

and of course what's a good session without "Still Blazin' " off Kush x OJ

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i'd say any song that is posted on .. there is always stuff on there about wiz khalifa and weed... considering its his fan page

MixedChica☜Taylor☆Gang☞'s picture

i agree with @MIKEY CEE

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"up" from kush x oj, "shame" from flight school, "B.A.R." from burn after rollin and my favorite from the list, "good dank" from kush x oj

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In the cut Still Blazin and The Kid Frankie are songs i been smoking too lately. I like listenin to cudderisback by Kid Cudi and The Rain by Tech N9ne too.

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if your talking Wiz songs... Still Blazin, Heart & Soul, Smokin Good, Smoker Face, Weed Roller, Flickin Ashes, there a lot of smoking songs theres just some.