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Da Vibe Magazine Pg. 1


Da Vibe Magazine Pg. 1
Posted by MattLantic
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Markus Vinicius's picture

You Swag , Very Nice

Amy'Wiz'Hesslworth's picture

you have swaaag

WeedKhalifa's picture

Just fantastic ! :P
Wiz Khalifa !

WizKhalifasOneN' Only's picture

A Wiz Picture Me In DAT pICTURE ya Lookin At Im Tew Sexy Nd One DAY I Wil Like Tew Meet Yo Sexy Ass Nd WE Can Get 2Gether Nd Do A Lil Somethinq Somethinq Nd We Can Hanq Out A Lil Bit Nd Maybe We Can Go On A Date Or Somethinq Think Bout It
# IM Serious Love You Husband

keenan's picture

i wanna look like that !! shit!! :)

cashbag's picture

like dis homi keep it up

Nookkk05's picture

My mothafuckin nigga; I swear ima meet you one day. We gon chill &fye up! You gon be somethin like my big brother! Ima ALWAYS hold it down for you! You &Amber is cute; The best fuckin couple out.. Me &My girl runners up though lol. Real shit though, it seems like I know you. We dress alike &everything. Man I swear you my Brother!! lol Well im out now.. Love ya man! #Nook #YoungKhalifaMane!

WizKhalifasBaby's picture

TGOD Over Everything !
- Mrs.Thomaz !

TheRealShanelJ's picture

I Like LOVE Him..!!!