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Posted by MattLantic
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bluesoul's picture

This picture kinda captures his soul...And it's a beautiful one. He has such a heart stopping smile :) Keep doing ya thang!

Tenia's picture

- SEXY bAbbY !

Alexander Diaz's picture

dude got sick ass lyrics and beats in every song...but homeboy needs to hit the gym...after a joint of coarse

Carson Claxton's picture

& h3 iz s0 fin3...i l0v3 hiz swagg....

andrenal's picture

Honey Mag? Go boy!

stoned66's picture

he is so sexy! & has so much style

selenalynnLove's picture

he so cute..

Trixiiee's picture

wiz is so cute rite here

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J.P._2's picture

who the fuck is this gayle bitch?! nobody wants to hear that bullshit on this site! get the fuck out of here!! haha