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- Well . Fuck watcha 'll talkin bout . I LOVE WIZ KHALIFA .&& has been lovin him since 2006 .&& those who are true fans would kno thats not all he raps aubout . Take for instance the songs " I still Remember " , or Fly Solo . . && many others . He's just doin wat he loves && makin money while hes at it . So whoever ain wit it can suck au dick . Like he said in Cabin Fever " Yu kno its the Gang or kill ya self rite . ? " . That would be correct . ! Taylor Gang or fukkinn die BIEETTCH . !!!

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i know i stay wif thee cute ones T.G.O.D

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To Gayle, I like that you have your own opinion and that you're trying to protect your kids
but Dont be so quick to judge a book by its cover. Don't be hypocritical calling someone ignorant when you are being just as ignorant. I'm sure your son does not just listen to Wiz Khalifa so if your going to get mad at a rapper get mad at all of them!!! you know nothing about him but your so quick to say you can teach him this and that, maybe you should learn that hes not the problem...."Now I understand why the tickets were $21" thats pure ignorance.... A word of advice I'm pretty sure Wiz doesnt comment to you on how to conduct yourself at your job so what makes you think its okk to tell him? this is a "FAN SITE"

Maddd loveeee forrr the mannn WIZ KHALIFA

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dam gayle this man is just trying to make his money now if this is the way he is making it who are you to say anything about it would you rather see him selling your son some crack or something . Man i put money on it your kid still ends up out there listening to some black and yellow music matter of fact i bet he is listen to it right now this is a FAN WEB SITE

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poor gayle, missing a wiz khalifa concert. plus you just ruined your kids childhood right there, they could have been part of hisssttorryyy!
watch some interview of wiz, he loves his mom so stfu and stop saying hes disrespecting women. he loves women and weed. duh.

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@Gayle. You're barking up the wrong tree. And that wasn't a weed joke. Gang Gang or take your kids to Disney World. You're jokes aren't funny... not even witty. Self-respect? You have none. True love? You didn't mention a husband. Value? Music is opinion based you dolt. You're a hypocrite.

Wait... did you say that women give birth to children? WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?

Do your research... please. For your own sake, so you don't look like such an idiot next time you try and take shots and someone who's success is self-made and has Taylor's, as you can see, to WEED out ranting retards such as yourself. You know what it isssssssssss!!

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Wow listen to Gayle the hater. His Orlando show still sold old so your kids won't be missed haha, they'll be the ones missing a sick show

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Any young person that is following this rapper or loving him............would benefit from a lesson on Value,Self Repect and True Love. this holds stronger if you're a female. I was going to buy my son a ticket to the Orlando concert until I listened to Black and Yellow. Wiz. Khalifa I strong invite you to one on one chat dealing with WIS.................Dom. You need some, and respect will show up along the way. Your entry into this world was from a women. Get on a course correction with your thought pattern..............My son or daughter does not need to sit in a one hour concert listening to you degrade women. Now I understand why the tickets were only $21 dollars. Big explanation for ignorance $21.00 . Man I use to education was expensive. Your entry into this world. Shame on you and your managers . I will pray that you change your tone in the rap business. Gayle

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this is a hot ass pic love it

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sexy!!!!!!!!!!!! omg