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Black and Yellow (G-Mix)


Black and Yellow (G-Mix)
Average: 5 (15 votes)
on Jan 10, 2011 at 12:57PM
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Average: 5 (15 votes)
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maroki's picture

i love wiz khalifaaaa

raydogg91's picture

Tpain kills this remix HOT REMIX shout to SNOOP D O double G and Juicy J

Vandre_Chuck_T_Davis's picture

black and yellow all black and yellow see me
now they treating me like im somebody special
smoking on that good no its me soon as they
smell it you can chill im the one who get
it not they one who sell grind every day im balling
i cant help nigghas on that bullshyt my pockets
fulla celtics and them nigghas hating on us
get our best wishes in the club you even on the guest
list bitch sound like you need to get yo weight up
go to sleep rich and count another million wen i wake up
ummm they wondering how i do my thing two words
TAYLOR GANG remix g shyt the champanges pouerd
niggha the weed lit lil mama clothes fallins like the
leaves in the fall aint worried bout yo friends so
bringem all. hahaha...............
T.G.O.D Boy look in the mirror and kill
the first thing you see thats not me thats you

tiffanie876's picture

two words...Taylor Gang!!!!!

Alicia Belmontes's picture

imm soo in lovee with yuuu

Celtics5's picture

Wiz you are one of the best rappers alive :)

WizKushLyfa's picture

All I got to say is keep doin what you're doing... Your flows is tight... You're living my dream... Kush and oj tight, northern lights is tight! When your debut album droppin so I can grab that?? Keep doin it BiG...

NWA4Life's picture

when does your cd come out

ebonyeyez's picture

I'm in love...uhhhhhuh!
Wiz Khalifa.