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Amber Rose Speaks On Her Relationship With Wiz


on Aug 17, 2011 at 13:38PM

Amber spilled the beans to GlobalGrind on her and Wiz' realtionship budding relationship. She talked to them about marriage, babies, rumors, lies and the attention she gets. Hit up GlobalGrind to read what she had to say.


khalifafan2011's picture

Great couple wiz is amazing and amber by what i seen on youtube is sweet, and a beautiful girl... even though it sucks cuz thats my dream man
Poppy.Dion's picture

Amber is so not for Wiz
YungTGOD's picture

U look beautiful 2gether.. sup wiz?
xGEEKxtaylorgang's picture
LIL J's picture

Dude Wiz call me we gotta talk about my relationship know dang you gotta give me some game
LIL J's picture

What Wiz Is DAting Amber Rose Dude I Had no idea, man move up quick arent ya she's hot
Lady'Wiz13's picture